About Us

Few businesses have their roots so firmly embedded in the American West as Sterling Furniture Company. Back over a century ago, in 1875, Hans Madsen a master cabinet maker, pioneered the production and selling of beautiful furniture in Utah and the Wasatch Front. Hans and his son P.W. said, " Give Utah the best quality... the best bargains... the biggest saving! We trust our friends let them pay us a little at a time, just as they earn it." Hans and PW opened their first store on Main Street in Salt Lake City, Utah. Other locations followed and included: State Street (SLC), Broadway (SLC) and Ogden. On November 29, 1941 Sterling Furniture opened its Sugar House store. This remains our location "In the Heart Of Sugar House." Faithful to the precepts that guided Hans Madsen, his descendants, now in the seventh generation, still direct the Sterling Furniture Company and  provide Wasatch Front families with beautiful home furnishings. Today, the resources of Sterling Furniture Company are pledged to perpetuating the established traditions of Quality Home Furnishings and moderate flexible pricing. You, our friends, are assured of more choice as you view our three large display floors and use our unique special order opportunity. Special Orders allow each customer to customize their furniture, selecting fabric and styles of their choice.

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